The Partnership has built a successful, multi-institutional, transdisciplinary cancer research program and is proud to share the impact of our collaborations. As our accomplishments below demonstrate, our focus is not only on cancer research itself, but also on research education, career development, provision of research resources, and community outreach.

Partnership accomplishments (2010 – 2020)

*Formal Outreach Core funding began in 2013.

Research project highlights

  • “Targeting Androgen Receptor Signaling in Prostate Cancer in Men with African Ancestry” project had several pre-doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows present their research at the Basic Urologic Research annual meeting in November 2021.
  • “Impact of Changing Restaurant Advertising on Weight Gain and Disparities” project has hired two master’s students, Mengyao Zheng and Qiuyue Kong, to assist in data management and analysis of advertising expenditure and exposure data being acquired from Nielsen Ad intel.
  • The “High Frequency of CHD1 Loss in BRCA2- Deficient African American Prostate Tumors Drives Tumor Formation by Suppressing Replication Stress” team carried out mechanistic studies to determine the role of CHD1 in DNA damage repair.
  • “Testing Home-Based Exercise Strategies to Improve Exercise Participation and Cardiovascular Health in Underserved Minority Patients with Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy (The THRIVE Study)” has received IRB approval.

“The Partnership and my research experience helped me navigate my career goals through excellent mentorship from my PI who provides insight on next steps and ways to reduce debt in graduate level programs.”

– Shinelle, postbaccalaureate