Assessing the Familial Financial Burden of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation 
Randy Albelda (UMass Boston), Gregory Abel (DFCI)

A National Faith Community Atlas on End-of-Life Spiritual Care: Informing a Religious Community Educational Intervention to Address End-of-Life Cancer Disparities 
Michael Balboni (DFCI), Tracy Balboni (DFCI), Amy Rex Smith (UMass Boston)

Integrated modeling of post-transcriptional regulatory networks of the tumor suppressor gene PTEN 
Rahul Kulkarni (UMass Boston), Kourosh Zarringhalam (UMass Boston), Pier Paolo Pandolfi (BIDMC)

Synthesis and Screening of Chemical Libraries for Discovery of Novel Bromodomain Inhibitors 
James Bradner (DFCI), Wei Zhang (UMass Boston)

Nursing Post-Doctoral Program in Cancer and Health Disparities 
Pat Reid Ponte (DFCI), Laura L. Hayman (UMass Boston), Donna Berry (DFCI), Mary E. Cooley (UMass Boston)

Developing a Resiliency Program for Medical Interpreters in Cancer Care 
Jan Mutchler (UMass Boston), Elyse Park (MGH)

Design and Optimization of Molecular Photoacoustic Contrast Agents (MPACs) for In Vivo Imaging of Breast Cancer Tumors 
Chandra Yelleswarapu (UMass Boston), Jonathan Rochford (UMass Boston), Jen-Chieh Tseng (DFCI)

Latino End-of-Life Care: Patient, Provider, and Institutional Effects 
Holly Prigerson (DFCI), Paul Maciejewski (BWH), Jan Mutchler (UMass Boston)

In Vivo Analysis of Signaling Dynamics in the Notch Interaction Network 
Spyridon Artavanis-Tsakonas (HMS), Alexey Veraksa (UMass Boston)

Covalent Fluorescent Probes for Cancer Cell Detection 
Nathanael Gray (DFCI), Priscilla Yang (HMS), Wei Zhang (UMass Boston)

Promoting Utilization of Cancer Early Detection Methods among Latinos in Church: A Faith-Based Approach 
Jennifer Allen (DFCI), Maria Idalí Torres (UMass Boston)